Whether in Production, Sales or  Marketing. Six-Sigma optimizes any Process in best Quality, so that Investments will lead to more profit  in a faster time, higher quality and more customer and personal satisfaction.

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Experts with 30 years Experience

More Quality

Satisfied Customers

More Profit

Better Processes

Better CUA (Cost-Unit Accounting)

More Profit

Efficiency in SCM

More Quality

Saving Lifes

National and International Human-Aid-Organizations can configure their aid more efficient so that goods will reach its targets faster and with less costs, so that help meet the requirements were needed. At the people.

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By using Process optimization with Six-Sigma Cost-Unit Accountings can be adapted to more efficiency, cost avoidance and reduction. Quality will increase, resources can be preserved and customer and personal satisfaction will lead to better marketing and more profit.

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Lab-Xpert is consultancy with focus in Healthcare and Diagnostics .
During the last years the conventional potentials of cost saving and avoidance were exhausted. Under further cost pressure new potentials and ways have to be deployed.
The successful industry has shown that there‘s a high potential in Project- and Process-Management and the most successful and efficient tool is Six-Sigma .

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Competence for Hospitals and Clinics, Start-Ups, Venture Capital Companies and NGOs working in the field of: 

MDx, Biotechnology, Medical-Technology und Life Science

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